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Information Technology field is keeping on changing with the changing trends in innovations and growing cyber attacks. Over past years, if web development was predominant as everyone was behind getting their websites and apps more and more dynamic and responsive. So as the demand increased, new technologies emerged which claimed to be faster, efficient and reliable than its competitors. One of the major examples are the gradual fall of Ruby on Rails and the rise of technologies like AngularJS, React and then the takeover of AngularJS by Google and completely rewriting it to a more awesome standard version which stands at Angular version 5 as of today. These all events represent the growing demand and the rising competition, as its obvious from the kind of technology giants that are involved here. This also creates new IT positions, different types of IT jobs and a variety of technical careers that anyone interested can pursue. This has paved way for many opportunities for even fresher's with relevant skills. If you had gone out of the box and learned relevant technologies during your college time, then there are many entry-level information technology jobs waiting for you with good initial salary package.

IT jobs are not so interesting for everyone out there. Especially for the ones who are working in service-based companies. These IT service based giants hire a huge number of engineers every year for low to the average salary. The main reason for this bulk hiring is to show the bench strength to its clients. 90% of the engineers hired through campus placements for IT  jobs in the service-based sector don't work on any latest digital technologies. This is very much predominant in countries like India where service-based structure dominates over the product-based model.

What you should do?

So what should you as an aspiring engineer should do to become eligible and occupied to get a full time IT job where you actually get to do the work on technologies that you love to do and also increase your learning curve. There are several ways for it, but I would have done the below steps if I had the knowledge about this or if I had someone to advice me.
  1. Internships
         You should find an internship during your college years. This will give you a fine Industry exposure and help you sharpen your skills in the real-time Production environment. This is priceless and will certainly give you an edge over others. This will also help you decide on your career path as you are going to be in a real Industry scenario and you are equally exposed to the administration, policies and work environment of a company.
  2. Boot camps or Tech Workshops
          Next on the list is Boot camps or Tech Workshops. These will be conducted for free in most of the Engineering colleges during their Tech Fests. This is very essential and helps students learn new and latest technologies. In Indian scenario, I have seen many colleges come up every month, but unfortunately, most of these operate only for the sake of making money. I believe a strong policy enforcement should be made to regulate the colleges in order to increase the quality of education in India or any other country for that matter. If your University is not providing funds or facility for these type of events, students should form groups and collect money if you want to conduct it as a stage event. Or even students can do this like a knowledge sharing session in any room. Students who have the knowledge in a specific technology could give a session to others and together all can collaborate and work on some projects.
  3. Teach Others
          This might be a pretty new advice you might be hearing in any blog posts related to this topic. Yes and I think this is one of the most important and best advice anyone can give to you. Teach others to learn or to deepen your knowledge. Its scientifically proven fact that our brain registers stuff more rapidly and stores this knowledge for a longer period if we teach the same to others. Maybe this is due to the kind of responsibility that we feel when we share some knowledge with others.
  4. Practice
           Practice what you have learned every day to keep yourselves confident and to the point. As the old saying goes "Practice makes one Perfect". Especially in the Information Technology jobs, you are expected to code complex snippets at the minimum time possible efficiently. This is a big difference I think we have between a service based company and a serious product based company. Copy Pasting code from stack overflow or similar sites work in Service based companies and this makes you more and more inefficient and useless for any product based company if you are trying to get into one. Nobody wants someone who depends on others for a solution. One can call himself a programmer, only if he is able to code a solution by himself without referring to any code online.
So these are according to me the most efficient and working way a student aspiring to work in Information Technology field should go through. I'm pretty sure if one follows these, any country will get a complete Computer Engineer who can help in its development. The above steps are not limited to Computer Engineering. Above steps are equally valid for any field for that matter. Never step into any company without researching about it if you are serious about your career. How much big and popular an organization may be if you want to work in core technologies choose a job that keeps you satisfied. Ultimately job satisfaction is above all parameters. Best of luck with your career !!

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