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Hand's up if you are among those millions who have added fitness as a goal in New Year's Resolution. Without a doubt, I can say that 99% of our readers will be raising there hand's now and that's no surprise !! Even I have it on my list and also had it in all my past resolutions. I'm into this fitness addiction for around 6 years now and I can say that I haven't even achieved what I had dreamed for six years back. But two years back I started out fresh in a new gym after my graduation. This time, I didn't want it to be like my past experiences, so I researched a lot. Day and night I used to google and see famous fitness youtuber's trying to absorb all the knowledge that I can in the short span of time. Want I learned had changed the way I used to see fitness and in this blog, I'm going to share the same with you all as I think it is of huge importance.

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What is Fitness?

Now, this question I can see very frequently on the internet and this is absolutely justifiable from a beginner perspective to ask and research this question. Youngster's make 90% of the world's population who are into fitness and by this, I don't mean that they are into fitness as a profession. The problem lies in the fact that we never research enough before starting out. We are so impatient to do research and know the do's and dont's of what you are going to perform in coming days.

Now let's come back to our question. What is actually fitness? I would say fitness is staying healthy. Now I know that is a very generic and obvious answer. But really that is the perfect answer to that question according to me. Fitness according to me is staying fit and feeling good from inside our body. It's not what you look from outside, but its what you feel from inside your body. Even if you are a person with let's say 20-inch biceps, a six pack abs and a V-Taper back if you are feeling ill and acidic from inside that means something is wrong with your system. And that is exactly my friend is when we say that you are sick or unhealthy.

It's not what you look from outside, but its what you feel from inside your body

 How I can Improve my Fitness?

Fitness is an idea of keeping our internal system happy and in control. This can be achieved only via regular exercise and proper diet. By proper diet, I mean healthy natural food. Most often what we see is that people tend to rely on external sources to look good and fit. They mug up load's of Protein powder even beyond the advised limit. Now, protein powder is not some sort of steroid or poison that will harm our body. In our present lifestyle, it is hard to get the required amount of protein from natural food. As per studies, a moderately active human require approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight as a rule of thumb. So having a protein shake post-workout to replenish those damaged and exhausted muscle tissues is good and recommended. A normal recommendation would be to get 90% of your protein requirements through natural food and depend only 10% on external supplements. Now, this recommendation considers that you are into fitness as a profession and would require added supplements like Glutamine, BCAA's etc to meet your fitness goals.

Jogging and Health -
Exercise Regularly
If you are not into fitness as a profession, then I would say only supplement you would require will be a good protein source as protein is very essential for your health. So to improve fitness, one must follow these points:

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Follow properly balanced diet plan
  • Supplement your diet with protein if your diet is unable to meet your daily protein requirement.
  • Believe in yourself and always keep a positive and stress-free mind.

What should I avoid to stay healthy?
Good Food and Health -
Eat healthy food

The answer to this question might not be much enjoyable to us. Probably everything that you love or crave to eat every day you go outside or to the office. All those junk foods, oily and salty foods etc. All these contain bad fats and carbohydrates that won't do any good to your health. Eat only fresh and natural food and try avoiding all the carbonated and processed food items. One of the major signals that show us clearly that major part of the world's population is unhealthy is the exponential profits and expansion of junk food industry. More junk food outlets open daily at an alarming rate. All these show the huge market and demand for junk foods. 

Excess quantity of anything is harmful. Consume only what your body demands . All excess food is ultimately considered as waste by our body and waste wont do any good to you if it is inside your body

Avoiding junk and processed foods alone won't do any good to you. Important point is to consume only what your body requires. Never eat food excessively just to fill your tummy and sleep. Always remember, Excess of anything is just a waste and when this waste is accumulated inside your body it will only do harm to you, no matter how much good and heavenly food it is.

So always remember, looking muscular is not fitness. You have to be healthy from inside to be fit. Ultimately fitness and health are an idea to express the well being of your internal system. Think and work smart, do your research before starting anything in your life. Stay healthy! Stay Fit!

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