Weight Loss Guide 101 : Healthy ways to lose weight !!

I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks !!!!

Sounds familiar? If you open your internet browser and search "weight loss" in google, a lot of titles come up which may seem to promise you to get that dream body in the shortest period of time. Now I think probably Weight loss and Make money online are the two hot topics on the internet from the time it came into existence!

Now in this post, I will try to clear the myth that surrounds the basic concept of weight loss! Does that make you excited? Okay if that doesn't make you interested, then what about we do a whole series on weight loss and all important concepts and ideas surrounding it?!  Yes, all this is going to happen on this blog!

Weight loss Guide 101: How to lose body fat
Work smart to lose weight
So today's article is about healthy ways to lose weight and also we will discuss the basic concept of weight loss and how you should be attacking that stubborn fat storage in your body ( Of-course we are going to discuss that in upcoming articles in detail! ). There are a lot of methods that we follow desperately to get that fat burn like fasting for weight loss, following so-called "fitness gurus" and spending lots of hard earned money on some junk e-books that proclaim to give you those magic tips to weight loss and a sexy body. Some might also fall in for those test-boosters(steroids mostly) to increase testosterone(male growth hormone) and thus increasing the fat burn, the concept which we will be discussing in detail on upcoming articles. All this we do in expectation of seeing that drastic weight loss. But how many of you are successful in finding the most effective way to lose weight? Instead, we end up practicing unhealthy methodologies and eating habits which may end up you getting seriously sick!

I hope to educate you with the knowledge that I have attained over years by researching and correcting the mistakes that I had done in the past trying to attain my weight loss targets. I'm no certified expert or something big to take a whole lecture to you on this but with my experience of applying this knowledge to myself, I can assure you that one of the most important things that one requires to achieve anything is proper knowledge in the subject. So let's get started and get educated on proper methods to efficient weight loss!

Veggies are your Weight loss friend!!

Weight loss Guide 101: Weight loss vegetables (www.mygeeksradar.com)
Weight loss vegetables
Vegetables are one of the most important food that you must consume fresh regularly. You cannot go lazy on this if you are serious about losing weight! Yes, vegetables contain all the macro-nutrients that your body requires and are also less in bad fat.

In fact, doctor's suggest eating nuts and vegetables regularly. Nuts contain unsaturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids which are considered good fat. Studies show that consuming good fats reduce the bad fat in the body. So eat more good fat source to burn that bad saturated fat storage from your body.
Green leafy vegetables help in fat burning and detoxification. Green leafy vegetables are from cruciferous vegetable family. These contain fiber and macro-nutrients that help in fat burning and detoxification. These are so nutrient rich that it contains more nutrients than most other food sources! Some of the popular and nutrient-rich Greens are Kale, Broccoli, Spinach etc.

Some of the advantages of Vegetables and Nuts are healthier heart from the Omega-3 in nuts, promote good digestion, immunity, and detox the body. Vegetables contain almost all the nutrients required by a human body.

Stick to your Diet!!

Weight loss Guide 101: Weight loss diet
Diet is Important
Now, this is a very important factor when it comes to fitness and weight loss. You have to stick to whatever diet plan you are following! Believe in your diet plan for at least 2 months and change it if you are not getting any result out of it. You can follow any type of diets in the market like Keto Diet, Paleo Diet plans etc but always follow the diet strictly under medical supervision or under the supervision of an experienced and certified trainer who you trust in. The basic theory of weight loss which is accepted universally is Calorie Deficit theory which goes as follows:

You lose weight if you eat less calorie than what your body requires. Essentially you are said to be in a calorie deficit if you eat less than what your body demands
Everyone nowadays is thinking about how to lose weight and keep it off on the internet and everywhere. This is possible only with some discipline in your life. Start to do things at the right time and the right place. Eat your foods at right time, go to bed, wake up from bed at right time. There should be discipline in these matters if you want to attain your dream body.

Fasting for weight loss!!

This is another common practice that is being practiced by almost every fitness people nowadays. This method had gone viral recently or a kind of fasting called Water fasting. Now I will advise you not to practice water fasting if you don't have any knowledge on this. Always undergo any types of fasting or any fitness related tasks for that matter under strict guidance. Intermittent fasting is considered good for your body and me personally practice this once in every month.

Intermittent fasting for weight loss is a scientifically proven method for drastic weight loss. Wise people do cycle different weight loss methods over a period of time to attain maximum results in a healthy way.

Motivation is the key!!

Weight loss Guide 101: Weight loss motivation
Motivation is the key
Motivation is the key to anything in this world. If you don't have the motivation, then you will find it hard to complete any tasks in your life. Weight loss motivation is very important. You have to see videos, read blog and articles to keep your weight loss motivation going. You can also jot down your daily progress, weekly weight etc to keep yourself motivated.

In fact, you can find a lot of videos on popular video-based sites like youtube on weight loss motivation.Now this in itself is a very huge driving force in attaining that drastic weight loss you always dream about. It's not about losing weight fast, it's about losing weight efficiently and in a healthier way!

Exercise for weight loss!!

Weight loss Guide 101: Weight loss exercises
Exercise Regularly
Finally, supplement your weight loss journey with efficient and regular exercises. There are a lot of weight loss exercises which can be done at home itself. Some of the effective weight loss exercises include Lunges, Squats, Pushups, Yoga, Stretches, Sprinting etc which can be done by anyone without going to a gym.

There are a lot of them out there who want to find how to lose weight without exercises. Let me tell you, whatever others out there on the internet say, I feel you have to do some sort of exercise daily to attain weight loss or muscle gain. There is no secret formula in the matter of fitness!

There is no shortcut to weight loss! You have to earn your body!
There may be a lot of websites out there who will promise you to lose weight in 2 weeks, lose weight in on month etc but this is not possible by any means if you want to go healthy. You should just use your basic common sense to identify the fraud. My request to you is not to fall prey to such false promises and end up losing your hard earned money and health instead of losing weight.

I hope that I was able to put light into most of your questions regarding weight loss and fitness. This blog is going long so we will discuss more into weight loss in upcoming articles in the Weight Loss 101 series. Always remember that there are healthier ways to fitness and weight loss. Your moto of research should always be on how to lose weight healthy and efficient. Put down your suggestions and queries in the comment box below this article, so that I can help you with your fitness queries and improve this blogs. Tell us how you feel about our articles and how it helped you in the comment box below. Till then eat healthy, stay healthy!

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