MyGeeksRadar is a platform which focuses on providing news and information regarding anything that is setting the trend and which is of interest to the users. We provide proven facts about the topic and our opinion on the same. Our topics shall include everything that is making the headline and adds some knowledge to the reader. 

We dream to become one of the favorite destination for readers to get the interesting and informative knowledge that they are looking forward to. We here in MyGeeksRadar are committed to providing quality and original content to our readers.

About the Author

Chief author and admin of MyGeeksRadar is Ashish: "I'm a Software Engineer by profession. My hobbies include blogging, youtubing and staying up to date with the current world. I strongly believe in staying up to date with the world we are living in and share the same knowledge with others. I made this blog to share all the information as it happens and which I find will be interesting to the readers and will make the headlines."

Reach us at mygeeksradar@gmail.com
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